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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Have I said lately how wonderful John Herring is? He is such a great daddy and husband!

Macey loves her daddy!

It's so neat to see Dalton wanting to be more and more like his dad.

Dalton took this picture!

Mr Blue eyes.

Mothers Day 2012... My cup runneth over!

Macey loves to be on my hip while I cook. Probably because I let her taste test the food:)

Nothing any better than a wagon ride your brother!

She is such a funny girl! This is her face she makes a lot. Probably because she knows it will get a laugh out of us!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Macey Grae is one!!!

My sweet Macey is ONE! She has brought so much joy to all of us. She has the sweetest personality. I have so enjoyed watching her grow this year and can't wait for more! I love you Macey Grae and love being your mommy!

Not too many little girls get pics with both Grandfathers! This is a keeper for sure!

Loved her smash cake! It was made by a dear friend at church, Amy Fly.

Cutest cupcake toppers! Found these on etsy.

Party favors... Hershey chocolate bars.

I had all the guests sign a piece of her chair bunting before they left. Priceless!

My mom was here the week of her party and helped with the decor. I loved this!

Big brother helping to sing Happy Birthday to little sister.

He also helped her eat her cake!

She LOVED it!

Present time!

Grandma and grandpa got her first set of wheels.

Got a good pic of her outfit I found on zulily. She loved her xylophone that gran and pop got her.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you bunches!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Our weekend

We had a great weekend... Friends birthday party, date for mom and dad, Dalton and mom date, and Super Bowl fun.

John and I got to go to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. It was so great. He sang some new songs and oldies, but goodies. It's so neat to hear songs that take me back to something I was struggling with and how God used his songs to minister to me and move me past it.

Little Miss Macey... Loves to be a clown and is getting to be quite the little ham! Love her!

Saturday night Dalton and I snuck out of the house and went to a friends birthday party... Swimming in February... Love it! Here he is with Saigel and Taylor, the birthday girl. Notice Dalton is with girls, alot? Hmmmm...

Date with mom after the party to McDonalds... Super silly!!!!

Loved her in this blue.... Miss blue eyes!

What a great Dad... Took time out of the Super Bowl to help Dalton with his legos.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy birthday Little Man!

My Dalton is 5! He is the sweetest and smartest 5 year old boy I know! He lives to be outside digging in the dirt, riding his scooter, climbing anything, riding his bike to the soccer field, watching Curious George, Martha Speaks, playing games, telling knock-knock jokes, reading books, and hanging out with friends (Saigel). He loves his sister and loves to "watch" her while I do things around the house. He is starting to blend 3 sounds together and read words like tip, nap, and log. He asks tons of questions! I am so proud of my Little Man!

Doug and Cindy took him to Build-a-Bear for his birthday! He has not put the bear down!

Grandma brought him 5 balloons for the 5 year old! He picked American Pie for his birthday supper. Not for the food, but for the arcade games they have their!

Love these two sweet kiddos!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with the Herring's

Christmas at Gran and Pop's

Santa brought Dalton a pogo stick! To date, he can jump 6 times without falling. I am so impressed! If we aren't at the ER by New Years Day, it will be a miracle!

Dalton wanted to leave Santa broccoli and Diet Coke. He also left a note for him that said,"Dear Santa, The ranch is in the fridge."When he woke up the next morning, he found this sweet note from Santa with ranch dressing smeared on the plate. Plus an empty Diet Coke can. So fun!

His Christmas loot!

Macey's first Christmas visit from Santa.

Oasis had a great Christmas Eve service. Some of the kids got to sing a few songs. So sweet!

Cousins Macey and Tucker

Miss blue eyes!

My brother, sister, and me.


This girl loves to crinkle her nose up. It cracks me up!

Saigel got to come spend the night over the break. We love this girl!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Testing, testing....

I have found an app (thanks to my friend, Cindy) on my IPhone that helps me upload pics to my blog! So excited! This may help me join the blog world again if it works!

Dalton and Santa on the Polar Express train ride in Branson.
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